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Ogeechee Technical College unveiled their new Industrial Technology Building at a ribbon-cutting ceremony, Thursday, February 21st. The new building will house the college’s advanced robotics program, giving instructors the resources they need to prepare students for high paying jobs in the industrial engineering field.

For this new futuristic venture, Ogeechee Technical College is working closely with FANUC America Corporation, headquartered in Rochester Hills, MI. FANUC is the leading supplier of robots, CNC systems and factory automation.  

FANUC’s robotic arm demonstrates a potential use during the ribbon-cutting in the lab at Ogeechee Tech’s new Industrial Technology Building

According to Ogeechee Tech staff, FANUC offers educational partners deep discounts on their products, sometimes up to 50%. These discounts are intended to lower the entry barrier for those seeking to train workforces necessary to utilize the products FANUC provides to their customers. Even with the deep discounts, Ogeechee Tech has around half a million dollars invested in robotics technology alone.

Students in this career field can see hourly wages ranging from “$50/hr all the way up to $300/hr” depending on experience and placement.

Even more innovative, much of the software and programming OCT is teaching students prepares them for jobs that can be done remotely. For example, if XYZ Production Company has a problem with a robot, technicians can remotely connect to the machine to remedy issues present while coordinating with on-site staff. With the right skill-set and client-base, graduates of the program will be able to service robots for multiple different companies all from the comfort of their own home office, or wherever it is they may choose to be.

Without a doubt, this program will be a significant contributor to the skilled workforce of the area. More importantly, Ogeechee Tech’s robotics program will provide students in the area with skills that provide them quality jobs, a high quality of life, and a promising future in technology.